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Gear Chapter III (Craft)


On the air heading: "What, how and why"

Everything about gears and weapons

Part III

There are three possibilities of upgrading armor and choppers in the game: craft, enhancing and chips. Already at the 20-ish levels of the game, after the Towerhead Machine Gun Fort (22) is cleared in a war zone called Omaha Beach (19-25), opens the possibility of crafting armor.



There are 3 types of armor and weapons that can be crafted: level 25, level 50 and level 75, herewith 75 level includes 5 sub-levels for the most hardcore players.

Level 25: For weapons and hats, you will need x5 Lv. 25 purple alloy shards, for the armor (jacket, pants, shoes) x5 Lv. 25 purple armor shards for each part separately. If you do not want to farm instances, then you can upgrade everything to a new level with the help of gold. Upgrading one thing from your wardrobe to the 25th level will cost you 100 gold.

Purple alloy shards for 25th level can be gathered after clearing Carentan East (26th level), Carentan Battle (32nd level), Caen South Battle (38th level) and Caen Battle (42nd level). Each of these instances drops 2-3 shards and it is possible to double your reward by paying 50 gold in the “win” window at the end of the attack. Also, during elite time (10: 00-11: 00 and 15:00 - 16:00 server time), clearing the dungeon with your friends from the same legion, there is an additional gift that provides 115 bound gold (2 players) and 150 bound gold (3 players). If you go solo or with someone who is not from your legion, the award will be reduced to 50 bound gold.

Purple armor shards are dropping from solo instances. To get them you will need to hunt down some elite bosses: General Robert, General Schurz, Falkenhausen, Chief of Staff Walter and others. They do not have function of elite time.

Level 50: In this case, required materials are being doubled, х10 Lv. 50 purple alloy shards for a hat and х10 shards for a weapon. х10 Lv. 50 purple armor shards for a jacket, pants and shoes separately.

Purple alloy shards for level 50 weapon and hat droppable in La Caine Battle (53rd level), East La Caine (57th level), Falaise Environs (63rd level), Falaise Battle (67th level). As well as previous instances, dungeons of level 50 do have elite time and bound gold as a reward.

Lv. 50 purple armor shards gatherable from these handsome gentlemen and a beautiful lady.

Each of these bosses drops 1-2 shards of armor, 50 gold enabling an increased award after the murder of the boss. Upgrading weapons and armor without shards will cost 300 gold coins for every single item. They do not have function of elite time.

Level 75: For upgrading your armor and weapon to the next level, you will need x20 of Lv. 75 purple alloy shards for your weapons and hats and x20 Lv. 75 purple armor shards for your jackets, pants and shoes. Of course, you will need x20 shards for each part of your armor.

Lv. 75 purple alloy shards are droppable from Paris Exurb Battle (78th level), Paris Battle (82nd level), Paris Defense War (88th level), Paris Suburb (92nd level). Unfortunately, the amount that can be obtained from these dungeons significantly reduced to 1-2 shards. Do not forget to join the Legion and to bring a company in order to get a reward of 150 extra bound gold.

Lv. 75 purple armor shards in the amount of 1-2 pieces are available from the following bosses:

In order to upgrade your weapons and armors without shards, you will need 800 gold coins for each part of your item.

Level 75 IV levels: it is an option for true idealists. In order to upgrade your weapons and armors, you will need Lv. 75 Advanced Alloy / Armor Shards. First group of instances with such fragments will be opened in the war zone of Berlin (101-125) after Saint-Vith (212) will be cleared.

The first solo boss that stores fragments of armor will be opened after the conquest of the Malmedy North Suburb (208).

Level 75 I: upgrade to the next level requires only 5 shards for helmet, 5 alloy shards for weapon and 5 shards of armor for the remaining items. As strange as it may sound, but the upgrade to this level with the help of gold costs only 100 gold coins. Level 75 II doubles these requirements: for everything, you will need x10 shards and update without shards will cost 200 gold coins. Level 75 III similarly: x20 advanced armor shards and x20 advanced alloy shards for each item respectively, and updating with the help of gold will cost 400 gold coins. Level 75 IV: x40 shards for each type of weapon and gear. The upgrade for gold costs 800 coins. Level 75 V: x80 fragments for each item or 1600 gold on one thing in particular.

Note: By the way, if you have some of the fragments of armor or weapon for a certain level, but still not enough, then the upgrade for the price of gold decreases depending on the amount of the players’ pieces.

P.S. There is one more possibility of obtaining shards for your weapons or gears – it is in-game shop and honor points. Shards for level 25 gear cost 300 honor points, for level 50 – 750 and for level 75 – 1500.

Craft of weapons and armors is not the end. In order to add luster to your things, you have to enhance them. For this, we invite you to read the second part of the guide named “Enhancement”.