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Gear Chapter II (Chips)


On the air heading: "What, how and why"

Everything about gears and weapons

Part II

There are three possibilities of upgrading armor and choppers in the game: craft, enhancing and chips. In this part, we will discuss chips. Socketing chips in your gear and weapon will be available after overcoming obstacles in Height Front (35) in Carentan war zone.


Have you ran out of gold? You don’t have silver anymore but some honor points? What a luck! Welcome to our 3rd tab of updates! In total, there are six types of chips for armor and 6 types of chips for the vehicle (more about them in the upcoming guide for vehicle). The second ones are much more expensive, so when you choose, look carefully, so that you will not buy the wrong ones.

Chips - is a great way to strengthen your battle power. The maximum level for the chip is 12. Try not to save them, and immediately purchase and amplify to the maximum level, even if it is a chip of 1st level: push all the same, it will not make it worse, and you will have a plan what specifically needs to be merged in the future.

Chips are responsible for such attributes as Heal Power (161), Gun Defense (140), Skill Defense (210), Gun Attack (280), Skill Attack (420) and HP (840). Once a chip has been merged, a certain stat is being doubled. For example, a chip at 1st level has 161 heal power, increasing the level of the chip to level 2 will increase this stat to 322 points of heal power.

There are four available slots in total in each part of your gear. At first level of a gear, only one slot is available but with the craft to the next subsequent level opens one more slot:

In addition, you can open more slots regardless of the gears’ level. Second slot will cost 100 of gold, third – 200 and fourth – 400.

I advise you to think a little and see the armor specifications before selecting a chip. For example, socketing the chip of skill attack in your commando’s gear does not make sense, as his skill attack is a shield.


There are two possibilities of upgrading chips on the next level. First: 1 chip will cost 30 honor points and in order to upgrade it to the maximum 12th level, you will need 3.150 honor points and х105 of chips.

 It’s not obligatory to have all of your chips with the same atributes when you upgrade them. Always pay attention on the message of update, because it asks randomly what chip exactly will be auto-merged. You can simply drag one chip onto another without using the auto function. You can also lock the chip that you do not want to merge.

Second option: it is an Energy Chip; it costs 750 honor points and has relatively the same course in relation to the chips for the armor when you buy directly from shop. All you need is 5 energy chips to upgrade a chip with attributes to the maximum. At the same time, a good part of the power (820) will remain unused, and an overpayment of 600 honor. Therefore, it is cheaper and faster to buy х4 of Energy Chips and х5 chips with the right attributes to get a chip of level 12. The price of it will remain the same as in the case of first option (3.150 honor points), but you will save much more space in your inventory. Do not forget that it is possible to lock those chips that you do not want to use, or they would have been superfluous. If you are feeling lucky, the Energy Chips have a chance to jump in your inventory from Lucky Spin. One spin costs х4 gold.