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Gear Chapter I (Enhancement)


On the air heading: "What, how and why"

Everything about gears and weapons

Part I

There are three possibilities of upgrading armor and choppers in the game: craft, enhancing and chips. In this part, we will focus on enhancement. Enhancement will be available in the war zone of Carentan (26-35) when Carentan Street Battle (32) will be cleared.


If you are already tired of spending gold on the right and left side of your armor and you want something new, then comes to the aid the black hole of silver named by game developers as Enhancement.

Each level of choppers and armor, that you are enhancing, have a certain amount of stars, on which pouring some silver you are improving your armors’ and weapons’ stats. The price in this guide for all, commando, attacking classes and medic will be highlighted in the way that has been showed above.

Level 1: every character from the start of the game has standard weapons and armor. Such weapons and armor include one star to fill. It is necessary to perform intensification 15 times in order to fill one star and increase the stats value in your gear. Cost of enhancing is increasing when previous star has been filled. First level of enhancement for your weapon will cost 4.180х15=62.700 / 36.000 silver for one star. Enhancement of jacket will cost 31.350 of silver for one star, pants – 47.025, helm – 94.050 /188.100 / 36.000, boots – 188.100.


Level 25: crafted weapons and armors to this level makes it possible to gain 3 extra stars. Enhancement to fourth star for your weapon will cost 564.300 / 324.450 of silver coins.  Enhancement of jacket costs 282.150. Enhancement of pants requires 423.225. Helm: 846.450 / 1.692.900 / 324.450 and shoes will cost 1.692.900.



Level 50: craft of the gear to level 50 gifts 3 more stars to fill. For enhancement to 7th star your weapon / med kit you will need 1.616.700 / 929.580. Jacket will cost 808.350 of silver, pants 1.212.525, helms 2.425.050 / 4.850.100 / 929.580, and shoes 4.850.100.


Level 75: craft of weapon or armor to this level opens 10 stars and enhancement to 10 stars opens a possibility of super boost. Here are some prices: weapon 2.707.200 / 1.556.640, jacket 1.353.600, pants 2.030.400, helms 4.060.800 / 8.121.600 / 1.556.640 and shoes 8.121.600.


Level 75 I adds two more stars for our weapon and gear. Upgrading weapon to 12th star will cost 2.070.000 / 1.190.250 of silver. Jacket will cost 1.035.000, pants 1.552.500, helm 3.105.000 / 6.210.000 /1.190.250 and boots 6.210.000 silver.



As well as the previous update, Level 75 II adds two new stars. Weapon will cost 2.190.000 / 1.259.250, jacket 1.095.000, pants 1.642.500, hats 3.285.000 / 6.570.000 / 1.259.250 and shoes 6.570.000 of silver.



For the next 2 stars there are following prices: weapon / med kit will cost 2.310.000 / 1.328.250, jacket 1.155.000, pants 1.732.500, helms 3.465.000 / 6.930.000 / 1.328.250 and shoes 6.930.000.




The penultimate level of torture, as always, adds 2 stars. 18th star for a chopper or med kit will cost 2.430.000 / 1.397.250. Jacket 1.215.000, pants 1.822.500. Helm will cost your pouch with silver 3.645.000 / 7.290.000 / 1.397.250 and shoes 7.290.000.


Here we are! The last level, which doubles super boost from 10 stars! The final upgrading for your weapon will take away 2.550.000 / 1.466.250 silver, jacket 1.275.000, pants 1.912.500, hats 3.825.000 / 7.650.000 / 1.466.250 and finally shoes 7.650.000.


Enjoy your sparkling and astonishing weapons and gears!