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The last part, which you can put on, get different attributes for your character, and be content with a new skin – it is a dress. Each character has two versions of a new image: the one that is cheaper and one that is more expensive.
 Accordingly, the characteristics are different for each option.

It is quite expensive pleasure. It is possible to purchase with Honor Points: 40.000 or 150.000. Costumes for 40.000 honor points have only two attributes: Concentration (50) and Tenacity (50). These skins are also available if you are a top up person. VIP 7 provides the skin for your character. It does not have any limitation of the level or points that you have from the event Escape. However, it does have a rank limit. Clothes are available for purchasing from the in-game shop if you have reached SFC rank (100.000 of military exploit).

Costumes for 150.000 points of honor have all four attributes: Concentration (50), Tenacity (50), Will (50) and Strike (50). These costumes not only have the high price but in addition, there is a limitation: you can wear these suits only if you have earned 950 points in the event Escape. 


There is also the possibility of creating and getting a better costume. The maximum level for the clothes - it is 6. Each level increases the characteristics by 10 points (100 points maximum). In order to improve, there is a need of fashion part; the price of one such part is 75 honor points. To increase the suit to the second level it is necessary to have 30 items and 2,250 honor points. Each subsequent improvement doubles the price. Improvement to the maximum level will take 930 parts and 69,750 points of honor.

Note: As in the situation with medals, it does not have the function of raising the level with gold.