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Bio War II is a War II themed Sci-Fi strategy MMORPG. Arena is the most important PVP function in game. There you will receive a lot of Military Exploits, which is very important for upgrading Military Rank.

Matching Rules:
When you reach the required level, you can enter Arena and challenge other players. Click Challenge King Icon, and you can enter Arena. System will match you with 5 players who have higher ranking than you. Everyday you have 10 free attempts, and you can pay Gold for 15 extra challenges.

According to your ranking, you can claim Military Exploits everyday. And no matter you win or lose, you can get Silver and Military as reward too. For a winning streak, you can get extra reward. And if you are Top 1 in Arena, there is an ultimate prize for you!

How to improve my ranking?
Your battles will be saved each time. You can review them again and again to see if where you can improve yourself. Like having a better formation.