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In Bio War II, there are five classes in all: Commando, Sniper, Firebat, Gunner and Medic. Players can choose from Sniper, Gunner and Firebat. There three are all DPS classes, with their own special abilities. 

Sniper: Sniper has the highest single attack damage. 

Gunner: Gunner has a skill to attack an horizontal line of enemies. 

Firebat: Firebat’s skill can attack a vertical line of enemies. 

Commando: Commando is the defensive hero in can. You can recruit them from Military Rank service. With them, you will survive longer in the battle.

Medic: Medic can restore HP and reduce damage from enemies. For a severe war, they can help you survive till the end.

Different classes have different features. A reasonable squad and formation will ensure your survival and make the largest damage to enemies.