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Battle Power


In Bio War II, Battle Power is constantly the measurement of your strength. Two main methods to increase Battle Power – I. Increase whole team’s Attributes; II. Increase a single hero. Below are the five main aspects for increasing whole team’s Attributes.

1. Vehicle
Vehicle is your mount, and can be upgraded by using Vehicle Drawing. You can get Vehicle Drawings from quests and instances.
2. Technology 
There are six categories: Gun ATK, Gun DEF, Skill ATK, Skill DEF, Max HP, Heal Power. Use Silver to increase them.
3. Frag
Frag system is one of the most special functions in game. Your character will have chance to throw a Frag after each attack. It will cause damage to all enemies, regardless of immunity. Your Battle Power will be obviously increased by this.
4. Talents
You will receive Talent Pts after your Military Rank increases. Use Talent Pts to add a special ability for a class.
This system is a bit like Frag. It has chance to let you ignore damage. Very important defensive skill. Upgrade it will highly increase your survival ability.