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Formation II


Bio War II is a War II themed turn-based strategy game. Different formation suits for different battles.

Offensive Formation
In the beginning, offensive formation is useful for clearing stages, because the enemies are weak and can’t kill you.
Recommended formation: Four DPS (Firebat, Gunner or Sniper), one Commando.

Defensive Formation
Useful for some difficult stages in later period. Since at that time, the enemy’s ATK and DEF are higher. For certain stages, it’s very difficult to pass, so you’ll need to prepare for a protracted battle.
Recommended formation: One DPS (Sniper), three Commando, one Medic.

Normal Formation
For normal maps and all classes (Commando, Medic, Firebat, Gunner, Sniper). This formation is balanced in ATK and DEF. And will be able to handle all kind of situation. 
Recommended Formation: One of each classes.

Aggressive Formation
Talents will hugely influence your class, especially when the ultimate talent appears. With 5 of the same class (DPS class) heroes, you will be very powerful in PK. 
Recommended Formation: Five DPS Generals of the same class.